İnteraktif Çevre was established in December 2015 as a joint venture between Kibar Group and The Heritage Group, which has been active in the USA since 1930, to offer competitive and innovative solutions in sustainable environmental solutions. Kibar Holding’s active role in the Turkish industry and wide business network were combined with Heritage’s innovative solutions and experience in total waste management under a corporate umbrella with İnteraktif Çevre.

İnteraktif Çevre provides various sustainable solutions such as total waste management, environmental consulting, zero waste consulting, sustainable tourism certificate consulting services, 24/7 data management solutions for waste management, comprehensive training modules and audit services along with calculation of carbon footprint, water footprint via their partners.

İnteraktif Çevre has a diverse customer portfolio from industry to hotels, shopping malls, retailers, and many more in line with the sustainable development goals. The company acts as a sustainability solution partner for their customers in their sustainability journey and finds unique solutions to ongoing challenges to minimize risks in this area and ensure reliable and sustainable growth in environmental services.