Total Waste Management

Waste management includes the prevention of waste generation, reduction at source , separation according to the nature and type of accumulation , collection, temporary storage, transportation, intermediate storage, reuse , recycling , energy or material recovery, disposal, monitoring of post- disposal procedures , control and inspection activities of all wastes and by-products generated through out the industrial manufacturing process.

Interaktif Çevre foresees the waste as a valuable resource that needs to be recovered.

Project Definition

Current waste management activities are evaluated on-site and project plan generated according to needs.

Process Set-Up

Equipment needed for the process is provided, staff training is done and project steps are determined.


Collection of waste, accumulation, temporary storage, labeling, transportation, recovery and disposal activities are followed up.


All activities under the waste management are recorded with IS2 database and custom reports for each customer are available if required.

Environmental Consulting

At Interaktif Çevre, we offer comprehensive environmental consulting services for industrial facilities, tourism, and service sectors in accordance with Environmental Law No. 2872 and related regulations. Our goal is to support businesses in conducting their activities in an environmentally sound manner and fulfilling their legal obligations. Our Environmental Consulting services include:

  • Detailed examination of activities and identification of requirements within the scope of environmental regulations
  • Monitoring and verifying compliance with obligations
  • Conducting and reporting regular monthly inspections
  • Organizing informative training and awareness activities
  • Obtaining and updating environmental permits/licenses
  • Preparing declarations and notifications within the scope of environmental regulations
  • Providing support during environmental inspections
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Environmental Consulting

Zero Waste Consulting

Our company offers comprehensive zero waste consulting services for all types of buildings and facilities in accordance with the Zero Waste Regulation. Our goal is to:

  • Help businesses achieve their zero waste goals
  • Establish zero waste systems
  • Foster a culture of zero waste and waste segregation within the business
  • Monitor and report progress through regular inspections
  • Handle Zero Waste Certificate applications and notifications
  • We are here to help you reach your zero waste goals.

We are here to help you reach your zero waste goals.

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Zero Waste Consulting

Sustainable Tourism Certification Consulting - GSTC

We provide comprehensive consulting services for obtaining the GSTC-Approved Sustainable Tourism Certification for hotels, resorts, and other accommodation businesses. Our goal is to help businesses comply with sustainable tourism standards and engage in environmentally friendly activities. Our Sustainable Tourism Certification Consulting includes:

  • Consulting for obtaining GSTC-Approved Sustainable Tourism Certification
  • Services for hotels and resorts
  • Ensuring compliance with waste management and environmental regulations
  • Conducting assessments and analyses
  • Organizing training and awareness activities
  • Preparing application files
  • Process tracking and auditing
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Sustainable Tourism Certification Consulting - GSTC

Sustainability Services

At Interaktif Çevre, we offer various sustainability services to support businesses in conducting environmentally friendly and sustainable activities. Our Sustainability Services include:

  • Green Deal Process
  • Carbon Footprint Calculation
  • Water Footprint Calculation
  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • Carbon Neutral Certification
  • Accreditation Consulting
  • LEED Certification Consulting
  • Green Industrial Zone Certification Consulting
  • Eco-Management and Audit Program Consulting

We look forward to working with you for a greener future.

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Sustainability Services