IS2 Data Management

Interactive Services’ International Sustainability Solutions (IS2SM) Data Management system provides your solution to reporting on your environmental goals around the world and across language barriers. With IS2SM, we manage the data collection process for you. We go directly to your facilities to collect the data from the source in the local language.

Our system standardizes and translates all the data to simplify reporting. The original source documents are stored in our database and available for reporting at all times, making them available for third party audits. When it’s time to compile your sustainability reports, you go to one, consistent, easily accessible source for all of your international locations.

  • Centralized Data

  • Independent, Auditable Data

  • Customized Reporting for Corporate Sustainability

  • Compliant Reporting Metrics for Government

  • Real-time Data, Accessible via Web Portal

  • Multiple Language Interface and Reporting

Tool for Management of By-Product Volumes and Tracking Environmental Achievements